My current favourites + wishlist wants!

As we all know, I'm admittedly addicted to all things fashion and makeup related, so in light of that... I thought that I'd keep you updated with what I'm currently liking or wishing I had (not that I need any more things though!)

Now I'm never off websites like ASOS, New Look, Boohoo etc... and with all that time spent, I've created a fair few wish lists of items I would love (but can't afford or justify) to add to my collection.

Jumpsuits are my new favourite thing... what's easier than being able to throw on one of these and look as if you've spent ages on deciding what to wear!?

There's one thing which I have to say I am rather intrigued with, and that's culottes. I never used to see the point in wearing trousers that simply looked too short, but now I'm a fan!? Major turn around right here that's for sure. I think because there is so many different types and styles that I'm willing to give them a go...

Another thing which I'…

Black + Pink with Bubble Tea!

What a beautiful day my friend Kathleen and I had in Edinburgh last week. The sun was shining (even though it was very windy!) we took a walk up Calton Hill just for a change. I have to say you forget what a beautiful city Edinburgh is until your standing at one of the highest points overlooking everything.

This was also the day that we decided to go to Tempo Tea Bar (Market Street, Edinburgh) and try our first ever Bubble Tea. And what an experience that was! Kathleen had a fruit tea, whereas I tried a Melon Mix milk tea (and they do soya milk which is bloody brilliant for people like me!!) I highly recommend that place and I shall be going back!

I didn't really put much thought into this outfit however I received constant compliments on how well coordinated I looked... In all honesty, I looked like a stereotypical "hipster" but I was okay with that for once! I have always wanted to own a pair of dungarees and I purchased these last year from New Look and I freakin lov…

"New year, New me" and all that jazz!

Happy new year to you all, hope you had a good Christmas and over-indulged yourselves as you should at that time of year! As we all know, I'm not the most active of bloggers but this was a spontaneous moment where I was actually motivated to kick my mind into gear and write something!

As of this time of year, everyone has set themselves a billion new resolutions which they are aiming to accomplish in this year. Whether they give up on their first week or manage the whole year, it's really up to the individual. Which is why this year I am aiming to set myself some goals in which I hope for the first time to actually achieve.

Normally people try to set ridiculous and unattainable goals but I thought that slow and steady will win the race. I have hit the point where, although I have been confident in my not so normal sized skin, I think it would be an idea for me to try and improve my skin meaning that I would be completely confident and able to embrace the body I have! Whether…

What I'm Wearing This Autumn / Winter

This past year has really been the point where I have began to think more about how I chose my personal style and what I'm really interested in when it comes to what I'm going to have in my wardrobe. Fashion "trends" can change as fast as a click of a designer's finger. Whether they completely revamp their ideas, or even just a simple change of colour, be sure that everyone who's following them will know.

Now, just to make this clear. I don't know all the ins and outs of fashion, I'm sure by now that is pretty obvious. However, the reason I write these kind of posts is because I think that in doing so, I get to research and pass on what I have found, maybe even what I have tried and things I've liked etc.

In keeping with that idea, here are my Autumn / Winter 2016 thoughts...

Firstly, everyone has their own fashion vice... Whether it be having a humongous hoard of heeled boots, a colossal collection of coats and jackets or a vast array of V necked…

September Favourites!

I have been meaning to do favourites posts for every month, but with a rather busy work schedule, I just haven't had time! So with these things called 'days off' I thought I'd put them to good use with a few of my favourites...

Firstly, gonna start with makeup. Being a waitress at a rather busy hotel, I need makeup that isn't gonna just slide off my face as soon as I start work. Which is where these products come in to save the day (or my face!) First, because of my rosacea covered face, I need something that would hide my soon to be tomato face. The 'Flawless colour correcting primer' (it's green but thankfully goes on more or less colourless) This is for anti-redness, pore minimising and it has a matte finish.

Next, two products from Collection that save my face, quite literally. I used to not really care as to what brand or type of makeup I used, so long as it stayed on my face... and that's where things changed. On a whim I bought the Collectio…

Older and wiser?

How are we all? I haven't been on here recently for many reasons, but the main one being that I just haven't had an interest, and that's okay. As it was my birthday only recently, it's become more apparent to me about how much things can change in your life, whether it be plans, family or career plans...

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.” Chico Xavier

Hindsight is always a great thing, but if we hadn't made the mistakes / choices that we did, then we might not be in the position that we are now. One of the main things that I am thankful for and always will be, is my family being supportive as they are. They have shaped my personality and made me who I am today, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Yeah, we've had our ups and downs but shit happens, right?

“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we lea…

25 Random Questions!

Now isn't this summer weather something else? I mean, Scotland being able to have temperatures of 25 degrees and more is certainly something we're not used to! But I am definitely not complaining, unless I'm at work and the sweat is pouring off me because I'm inside in a long sleeved shirt and tie haha...

So, since it's my day off I thought that I would do something fun without putting very much thought into it. And here it is, 25 random questions for your enjoyment!

1 - Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? My door has to always be shut, I can't even try to sleep if it's open because it makes me feel anxious for some weird reason!

2- Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or by a swarm of bees? I'll take the bear because to this day *touches wood* I have never been stung by a bee or wasp so I plan on staying well away from them!!

3- Do you always smile for pictures? Not always no, the main reason being that when I smile, my top lip is so…